Monday, September 12, 2005

Starting Over & Moving On... Sweet & Sour

I will strive to make this my new beginning.
I am in need of changes in my life.
And maybe, Just Maybe this idea of Blogging can help.
I'll be honest, forthright & translucient in my thoughts, ideas, opinions ...
I'll take it on the chin,,,,, laugh, cry & groan at times... Just be real with me.
My typing is slow & sometime my thoughts come even slower, so bear with me....
I'll try to end each post with "I Love you man" ( This applys to all, male, female, animal, mineral & as my oldest son use to say
Me: Middleaged White Male
: 52.5 years
: Divorced / Happily Re-married
: 2 grown & healthy Men (aka: my boys)
: 1 cat (never thought I would have a cat, But Max is #1)
: apartment dweller
: Communications Technician, 34 years (not yet retired, but would love to)

Subjects: OPEN